Motion Amplification Camera

  • Motion amplification technology measures vibrations from a distance

  • This technology artificially amplifies real vibrations to make them visible to the naked eye

  • It converts every pixel of the high-resolution camera into a “sensor” capable of measuring vibration or two-axis motion with unmatched levels of precision

Vibration Analysis


  • Establishes a vibratory signature of your machine park with periodic monitoring

  • Measures the vibrations transmitted, to identify a mechanical evolution in order to plan corrective actions

  • Performs complex vibratory expertise



Boclube is a lubrication system maintenance package tailored to your specific equipment and operational requirements.


  • Lower maintenance cost and operating costs

  • Improved environmental performance

  • Compliance with health, safety and environmental legislation



  • Allows the detection of inaudible waves and frequencies in air or in mechanical elements

  • Used for the detection of leaks in any industrial element under gas or air pressure

  • Monitors the condition of your machines and determine the optimal maintenance time

  • Evaluates the operation of steam traps, prevent energy and steam loss, as well as damage to the steam system

Thermographic Control


  • Prevents the risk of fire

  • Guarantees the safety of people

  • Makes your installation more reliable through effective preventive maintenance without stopping production

  • Avoids unplanned shutdowns that can lead to costly breakdowns and incidents